Summerlands 9: Lake Villages Meare

Lake Villages 2: Meare Lake Village 250 BC – 2017 AD

Cows graze while a group of rooks squawk and flap from one tree to another. An ordinary field with no distinguishing features, this is where, following a tip-off from a local farmer, Arthur Bulleid discovered two further Lake Villages.

There are different theories as to the purpose of these stuctures. It has been suggested that they were places for local trade and bartering and also the site of communal gatherings and festivals.

Excavations discovered a rich array of Iron Age objects. These are now scattered in various local museums and the excavations carefully filled in to ensure that the site is preserved undisturbed.

Bone flutes were a common instrument among Iron Age peoples and this piece takes the sound of the bone flute as a starting point, adding the sound of the human voice and the traditional Celtic drum, the bodhram, to create its distinctive texture.

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