ipk bw square 2 edIrving Kinnersley

Irving Kinnersley is a composer who works mainly in the field of  fixed media electroacoustic music. His work usually evolves from field recordings and sounds recorded in the studio which are then processed in various ways to produce the final composition.

He is based in Somerset and Manchester.

Works selected for performance include:

Song of Glass:

  • Manca Festival, Nice, Nov 2015
  • Festival Zeppelin, Barcelona, Oct 2018

Orkney Seascape:

  • Sound and Music Festival, St Magnus Cathedral, Orkney, July 2017

Air Under Water:

  • Seeing Sound, Bath, March 2018
  • Festival Ecos Urbanos, Mexico, Nov 2018

Metro Faces Petals:

  • Festival DME, Lisbon, Nov 2018
  • Audio Mostly, Nottingham, Sept 2019

Totem Bird Flight:

  • Festival Zeppelin, Barcelona, Oct 2018





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